Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bad news

Yesterday we got the results of the MRI. Not good. Brooke has substained a significant brain injury. This is from the lack of oxygen from when she was in cardiac arrest, and her low oxygen levels on the flight up to Childrens Hospital that night. It is still to early to tell the extent of the damage, but the neurologist is very concerned. We might know more in a week, with another MRI, and even more in 2 weeks. Until then the Dr's are ramping up the seizure medicine to get those under control. She hasn't had one in about 16 hours, so maybe this trial medicine is working- who knows.

This is very devastating of course for us. Please forgive me if I do not update the blog everyday. I will do my best. This has been extremely hard news to swallow. I don't even feel like it is my life.

We can only pray for a miracle.