Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodbye Brooke

Today God took our gorgeous little Brooke to heaven with him. For a reason we can't understand she was chosen to go with him. Brooke passed away very peacefully & comfortably with her mommy and daddy laying by her side. We like to think she is in a better place now but we wish more than anything she was here with us happy, healthy, & full of life.

Brooke suffered from an abrupt illness that she just couldn't recover from but was a great fighter through the whole ordeal. From the day it started & for the rest of our lives we will be asking ourselves how & why this happened to such a healthy, wonderful little girl. We will never get over the loss of Brooke but we are very happy for the 2 years of joy & happiness she brought us and everyone she knew.

We plan on remembering her in a very special way, more details will be posted when I get them.