Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New baby comes

Tuesday Sept 22/Wednesday 23

If I can stay awake I will finish typing this. Wow what a busy day for us yesterday. We had a new baby girl!!!! She was born at 1:17pm, 6lbs 10oz, and 18 inches long. She has a headfull of almost black hair. We were very surprised to see this, and very surprised to find out it was a girl. I thought 100 percent it was a boy. So much for my mothers instinct. Unfornately she still does not have a name yet. We are working on it though. I will post pictures soon, hopefully.

In Brookie news, she had another good day yesterday. She had a CT scan done in the morning. They did this to check for any neurological damage, she might have suffered from the lack of oxygen. The results showed no signs of stroke, or bleeding in the brain- which was great. There was some swelling though, which the Dr.s had suspected from her lacking oxygen during her problems Friday night & Saturday morning. What that means is hard to say. Right when they were getting ready to do the scan, she opened her eyes for the first time and again after the scan, which are good signs. Just the process of transporting her down to the scan involves a team of 2 nurses, a Dr., repiratory therapist, and 2 profunsionist.

Jay stayed with her late last night talking to her. She continued to open her eyes a few more times, hopefully in response to his voice. I was unable to go over to her room, due to the pain I was in, and my incision kept bleeding. We have an IPOD full of Brookie music playing non-stop, and her blankie in her hand in hopes that it reminds her of familiar things.

Today Brooke's ECMO machine was being weaned off. This is very good news, because it is the step in the right direction. The flow to her lungs, and heart was slowly being turned down. Around 3:00 they clamped the flow off all together for an hour. She responded well to that. As I write this, we are waiting for the cardiologist to come back and remove the cannulas to turn off the ECMO machine. She will still remain on the ventillator after this procedure. Although these are all good steps in the right direction, it is still hard not to get excited because there is still so much of the unknown. Almost all of the test done to figure out what caused this sickness has come back negative. We face the possiblity that we may never know what caused it either. So tonight we will be anxiously waiting to see how Brooke responds.

In our other world, we still have a new baby girl without a name. Hopefully we will have a name narrowed down by tomorrow.