Friday, September 25, 2009

Moving on up

This morning Brooke got moved from the cardiac floor on 3, to the med. ICU floor on 5. They needed the bed, and since her heart was no longer an issue they moved her. Today they are cutting alot of the medicines in half of the original doses. She is still on alot of various meds and painkillers. They are taking her off of anti-seizure medicines, that she was on as percaution. Cutting her painkillers, and sedatives in half. And taking her paralytic medicine almost all the way off. They want and need her to wake up. She was on an extreme amounts of medicines, and hopefully by reducing them she will start to wake up. So now we just sit and wait again, to see what happens next. They are also lowering her flow of oxygen on the ventilator to low.

Good news today was that Brooke came out of isolation! Previously we had to suit up in gowns, gloves, and mask because of the unknown cause of her illness. Well we are over the 7 day waiting period, for all of the test results to come back. Since every test result possible was taken, and they have all come back negative- they no longer need to take such precautions.