Thursday, September 24, 2009

Had a good day

Brooke got off the ECMO machine this morning. It got delayed until this morning. The heart surgeon did too many heart surgeries, so he needed to go home and get a good nights rest. We were a ok with that. He said Brooke transitioned well of the ECMO machine, and he said the whole procedure went well.

She remains on the ventilator right now. The next step to restoring her body will be to wean her slowly of the ventilator. This will be a slow process as well. The dr. said maybe by this weekend she will be on a low flow. She is also being weaned off of the paralytic medicine. She has opened her eyes some more, but is not really focusing on anything yet. Brooke may get moved off the cardiac floor soon, up to the med. picu. We were just getting to know all of the nurses and dr.s. So will be sad to see here caretakers go.