Sunday, September 20, 2009

New day in our new life.

Sunday 9/20 Day 3

We feel much better today, because we got a good nights sleep. Another families grandparents had arranged for a hotel for us without our knowledge. They had sent us to the hotel, and already paid for it. They said they did not want to see a 9 month pregnant mom, sleeping in a chair again. How nice were they? We return to Children's, to the 3rd floor ICU which is the cardiac floor. They have Brooke on this floor, due to her being on the ECMO machine involving her heart. The staff, and nurse are very experienced with these machines. Brooke had had an uneventful night, which we good news for us to hear. She needed her rest, and we did not need anymore complications. They have taken her off of the blood pressure medicine. She is now maintaining her BP on her own. She is still on a slew of other meds though. She has been (and will remain) sedated throughout this whole process of the ECMO machine. The plan today is to let her body and organs rest, before trying to wean her off of the machine. When they wean her off of the machine, it stresses the body out by working hard. So we want her to be completely rested, and ready to fight again. The pulmonary team comes down to take a look at her lungs, and give her surfactant. Surfactant is a agent like an oil/detergent that helps the alveoli in the lungs expand and contract easier. This makes the lungs have an easier time breathing. The Dr. said that Brookes lungs we alittle stiff, and this surfactant can only help them improve. They also did alot more cultures today, so hopefully anyday now we will get an answer of what this sickness really is.

We did notice that Brookes coloring has returned to her skin, and her lips are back to a healthy pick. This is a good sign. We are spending all day in her room today. No cell phones are allowed on up here in the ICU. Even in the waiting room, our cell phones don't really work. So we are hoping this blog, will keep us in communicaton with all of our family and friends.