Monday, September 21, 2009

No news yet

So today was another day of waiting, which not much news. We are still waiting on the test results to come back. Some have come back, and we at least know it's not the dreaded swine flu. We know that she had pneumiona, we just don't know what caused it. Whether it was a viral infection, or bacterial infection. Once we know which kind it is, we will hopefully know how to treat it.

Brooke got another dose of surfactant in her lungs today, which really improved her lungs rise and fall. Her color remains good. The fluid in her lungs has decresed as well. Her stats are all remaining the same. So we are trying to stay positive that these are all good signs. Hopefully tomorrow we will have more test results back. Our worries will come, when she starts to be weaned off of the ecmo machine. When she is weaned off of the machine, she will have to start using her own body functions to maintain all of her stats. Hopefully she will be strong enough to accomplish this.

In other news, we found out we are having a baby tomorrow! C-section is planned for noon. We don't know what we are having, so we will finally find out tomorrow. Alittle bittersweet, because Brooke was looking so forward to meeting the new baby.