Monday, September 28, 2009

Still waiting

September 28, Monday

Yesterday Brooke was extubated around 5:00. She is still extubated as of now, but isn't breathing as well as we had hoped. She is on a nasal cannula with high flow, and getting breathing treatments given by a respiratory therapist. Her chest is still working hard to control the breathes. We think that she will be able to manage on her own, but only time will tell.

Beside that we are dealing with the possibly that Brooke might have sustained some neurological damage to her body. When she went into cardiac arrest, she was low on oxygen, and during the lifeflight she had trouble keeping her oxygen up. We know from the results of a CT Scan that she did not suffer a stroke, or bleeding in the head. She does suffer from some swelling of the brain. This is causing the body to respond the way that it is today. The dr's think that the brain is having some neurological storming going on, which means it is not telling the body the correct way to respond and heal itself. She also is having small seizures, which are trying to be controlled with medicine. We are waiting for this storm to pass, hopefully. We have no idea how her body will react now, that the sickness is leaving her body. We simply just have to wait it out, everyday and see how she does.

This is very hard, not knowing what the future brings. It is going to be a long road ahead for Brooke.