Sunday, September 27, 2009

Extubation Day

Sunday Sept. 27

Last night Brooke had her eyes open more. She was moving her arms and legs, when the nurses would reposition her. It would look like she would try to move her arm up towards her face. We can only assume she is trying to reach towards the tube in her nose(ventilator) to get it out.

This morning when we got to the hospital, she had an Elmo video on to entertain her. The nurse knew that Brooke likes Sesame Street and trash (I know weird obsession for the little girl) Brooke had been opening her eyes and responding alot more over the course of the night. So we hope that the video is providing alittle normalcy for her. Ironically I had just bought the same video for her birthday, and had it wrapped up in the car.

We arrived here in the morning just in time to hear the rounds with the Dr's. Overnight they had decreased alot of her meds. even more, and lower the levels on her ventilator. Todays plan is to do a test where they turn off the ventilator, but still leave it in on the lowest setting to test her ability to breathe on her own. As of right now at 12:00, she is doing great. So the team is planning on removing it around 3:00. It can't be soon enough, because poor Brooke is waking up and getting agitated that something is going on. They have to wait a required 6 hours from when they stopped the feds before they can remove it. So the count down is on.